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Therapeutic Massage

60 Minute $75
90 Minute $95
The most sought after type of massage! It relaxes tense muscles with firm pressure while incorporating stretching, Trigger Point, Myofascial, and Neuromuscular techniques as needed. The massage promotes healthy circulatory and lymphatic systems. A therapeutic massage is tailored to each client's individual needs. Not only is this massage a great way to relieve pain from sports injuries, but perfect for anyone who wants to relieve everyday stress and tension!

 Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minute $80
90 Minute $100
Essential Oil Blends
This massage is therapeutic on both your body and soul, using blends of essential oils. All the right ingredients to combat insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. Deeply relaxing and calming or inspiring, uplifting and mind clearing, the benefits of this treatment are appropriate for all! 
~Amy Zambrano, LMT - Certified Aromatherapy Massage Therapist

Prenatal Massage

60 Minute $80
Enhance relaxation and improve circulation with regular
prenatal massage.  Helps to relieve chronic tension in the lower back, reduce swelling and prepare the body for delivery.  With so many changes occurring in your body, this massage is just the right escape to ease tension and renew your spirit.  It’s a special time, just for you.

Always make sure your massage therapist is certified in prenatal massage.  There is no state regulation stating that a massage therapist needs to be trained and certified to perform prenatal massage. Ask to see proof of prenatal massage training and certification from your massage therapist.  ~Amy Zambrano, LMT - Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist

 Hot Stone Massage

60 Minute $90
90 Minute $110

Smooth, heated stones are placed strategically on your body to melt away muscle tension. The stones impart their warmth to you, evoking a depth of relaxation. The oiled stones are used to massage away any tension or pain.  Swedish strokes lead you to a deep state of relaxation.
~Amy Zambrano, LMT - Certified Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Micro-Buff Body Polish, Body Mud Wrap & Massage

90 Minute $120 

This 1½ hour treatment begins with the Micro-Buff Body Polish followed by a Body Wrap and Massage. The Micro-Buff Body Polish exfoliation treatment contains spherical Micronized Buffing Beads, natural Luffa and Apricot Powder to gently refine and smooth skin. Moist hot towels are used to remove the polish. Exfoliating skin prior to the mud wrap boosts the absorption of treatment product. 

Choose from one of two specialized body mud formulas for the Body Wrap:

European-Rose Body Mud: This remarkable rose fragranced mud contains soothing Rose Clay extracted from the Provence region of France. Benefits include refining and softening of skin and enhanced cell renewal. Suited for extremely dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin.

Firmi-Sea Body Mud: Contains a mix of five French seaweeds to stimulate the thyroid, promote decongestion and waste elimination for better skin smoothness, and prevent future skin damage by fighting free radicals. This is the most effective treatment for smoothing, stimulating, toning, firming and detoxifying skin and body.

After mud application, you will be wrapped in a warm comforting body cocoon consisting of thermoplastic film, foil, and thermal blankets. You will be left to relax and drift away for 20 minutes. Moist hot towels are used to remove the mud followed by an application of ultra-hydrating Massage Butter to leave your skin satiny smooth. Session includes a 30 minute Therapeutic Massage. Additional massage time may be purchased.

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